Ladianes original text match

A. Ladianes village

  • The central room is supported by 4 bridges connecting the areas in front of the Ladianes Castle.

It is the first village constructed in South Daria, many people reside either in the village or just beyond the outskirts. It is the center of South Daria, with frequent exchanges of people and goods.

B. Ladianes Harbor

  • South harbor where shore fishing and trade takes place, it is currently owned by Vylock.

Ferries are operating yet. Because there are other ways to come Lots of travelers come here.

C. Water Town

  • A small village constructed above the lake. There is no risk of ever flooding due to a temperate climate.

D. West Windmill Village

  • A farming village near the Wasteland. This town uses the strong winds from the sea as an energy source.

E. East Windmill Village

  • A farming village near Water Town.

F. Battle Arena

  • A memorial building where you commemorate heroes. Outstanding Warriors and Mages are competing against each other.

G. Field of Honor

  • A place where player can engage in a practice fights with no repercusions

H. Rest Area

  • A small place to take rests in the middle of the road from Ladianes to Harbor.

I. Tiaz Lighthouse

  • A lighthouse in the southwest of South Daria with lots of rocks.

J. Swamp Area

  • A shallow swamp where ancient remains had preserved.

Common people cannot have access to here due to long-lived powerful monsters.

K. Wasteland

  • A barren earth where there are no greens. Legend has it that the land lost the power of life after being hit by God’s hammer.

It is a very dangerous place due to the revived dead bodies from the long war.

L. Ladianes Beach

  • White sand beach is made thanks to the slow ocean current. It has a great view, but easily disturbed by monsters.

M. Rising Cliff

  • A cliff where the pledge made here seeing the rising Sun come true.

It has a deep bay in the east coast.

N. Canyon Cliff

  • A coast with steep cliffs

O. Melvil Gate

  • A gate made by Melvil, founding hero of Ladianes, as he promises the interaction with Nephilims.