1st Floor of the Rampao TempleEdit


2nd Floor of the Rampao TempleEdit


3rd Floor of the Rampao TempleEdit


A. Level requirements for the 3rd floor Dungeon: Level 125

B. 3rd floor dungeon consists of Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black zones, 6 rooms for Bosses and 5 Safe Zones. Once the character completes the quest in the first Red zone, this character is eligible to more on to the next zone.

C. Each zone of the 3rd floor dungeon can be teleported from the Safe Zone of the previous zone. For example, one can be teleported to Bluezone only from the Red Safe Zone.

D. In the 3rd floor dungeon, your location will not be saved, so you will restart from your return location after terminating in the 3rd floor dungeon.

E. In each zone of the 3rd floor dungeon, each red, Blue, Yellow, White or Black scroll can be gained.

F. By using Red or Blue, Yellow, White, Black scroll, you can teleport to each Safe Zone.

G. You cannot walk through Safe Zone or each zone, because they are closed.

H. Safe Zone Once you enter into the Safe Zone, you have to move to the entrance of the next zone to teleport.

I. The one who reached the Boss room and kill the Boss Mob will be engraved in the Hall of Fame.